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guardanapos de papel e decoração de mesa

Em nosso sortimento, você encontrará milhares de diferentes guardanapos e guardanapos a um preço razoável, tudo para decoração de mesa, bem como folhas 3D e adesivos para artesanato. Você também encontrará um grande número de desenhos de lenços impressos e muitas fotos brilhantes em nossa oferta. Basta navegar pela nossa grande variedade. Dobre o seu guardanapo, use-o como decoração de mesa ou use o guardanapo de papel para artesanato para técnica de guardanapo ou Decoupage. Aproveite as compras na nossa loja!

For retailers, restaurants and companies we offer special prices in our wholesale shop.

Our offer at a glance

  • Napkins & motive napkins: Here you find our napkins sorted by motives, size (25x25cm, 33x33cm, 40x40cm), events, seasons.
  • Products by companies and brands: Are you looking for specific companies/brands in our shop? Here you will find what you are looking for. 
  • Table decoration: Porcelain, articles from glass, articles from bamboo, candles, trays and much more for the beautification of your table you find here.
  • Gastronomy: Our gastronomy offer offers napkins, table runners, placemats, tablecloths and refill cups from Pack Service and Mank.
  • Other products for decorating and handicrafts: Cushions, paper handkerchiefs, toilet paper, poetry pictures, 3D sheets, stickers, form pads, etc. 

some of our most selled napkins

Guardanapos 33x33 cm - Retrato de borboletaGuardanapos 33x33 cm - Retrato de borboleta
27 packings in stock.
€ 2.48
€ 0.12 /artigo
incl. taxes plus shipping costs

Guardanapos 33x33 cm - FloriculturaGuardanapos 33x33 cm - Floricultura
21 packings in stock.
€ 2.68
€ 0.13 /artigo
incl. taxes plus shipping costs

Guardanapos 33x33 cm - Buquê de floresGuardanapos 33x33 cm - Buquê de flores
35 packings in stock.
€ 3.85
€ 0.19 /artigo
incl. taxes plus shipping costs

special offers

You're looking for a bargain? Have a look at our special offer page.

worldwide delivery and cheap shipping costs

logistics center of Wimmel Napkins in Bad Sachsa/GermanyYou can buy our offered items from everywhere. Our logistic center in Germany (see picture) delivers all over the world. Our shipping costs are very cheap, so buying from abroad is not a handicap. If you like calculate your shipping costs before you start shopping.

new items

Our stock is changing all the time. If you're looking for new motifs for you handicrafts, you will be satisfied here. Daily our staff refreshes the new napkins and craft supplies list.

mostly requested:

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